San Diego Archaeological Center

San Diego Archaeological Center

The San Diego Archaeological Center is a museum and curation facility. Located at 16666 San Pasqual Valley Rd, Escondido, CA 92027. It serves as an educational and research center, and is the only local organization dedicated to collecting and preserving archaeological artifacts. The museum is free, but donations are welcome. Visit the website to learn more. To make your visit more memorable, consider purchasing souvenirs or joining the Museum. A donation is tax deductible.

The museum has a 130,000-year-old mastodon bone on display. During your visit, you can also enjoy 2D and 3D presentations about the fossilized animal. The museum was established in 1769 and was also the site of the first Christian burial in the region. The body of Father Luis Jayme, a priest who was murdered by Native American Kumeyaay warriors in 1775, is also kept here. The current church dates from the early 19th century and was restored in 1931 after a long abandonment.

The Museum’s collection includes a house designed by Thomas Whaley for a former gallows. He claimed to hear a criminal from the top floor. The smell of perfume and cigar smoke may be lingering in his house. Afterward, the house was moved to a location that would prevent the Verna House from being demolished. Later, it was used as a courtroom.

The presidio buildings were left in disrepair when the Pueblo de San Diego was founded in 1835. When the park was established in 1929, the buildings were turned into a park. The Serra Museum features a diverse collection of archeological artifacts and displays. It is also a great place for authentic Mexican food. The nearby quaint streets are packed with art galleries and specialty shops.

The area is surrounded by the San Elijo Hills, a highland mountain range. Fire-road trails lead you up the mountainside, exposing ancient volcanic rocks and igneous rocks from the Jurassic, Early Cretaceous, and other geological eras. This hike is approximately six miles, but you can do it more quickly by taking shorter routes. The scenic drive is worth the trip. More Information Here.

The San Pasqual Valley is located east of Interstate 15 between Escondido and San Bernardo. The area is home to hiking trails from Lake Hodges Area. The San Dieguito River Park maintains the trails. The San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park and Zoo Safari Park are located in the vicinity. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out the San Pasqual Valley Trail. It’s located adjacent to the Rose Garden and is a great place to get your bearings on the natural history of the region.  Next article. 

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